What’s up in MoCo this weekend

Oh hey, what the heck are you going to do this weekend? Here’s some ideas (and bear with me because I’m a half of bottle of wine deep):

Do you like jazz? Yes you do, jazz is universal! The Monterey jazz festival is happening at the Monterey Fair Grounds, with tons of new players for your listening enjoyment. Do I recognize the artists? No. But does this sound awesome? Of course it does.
Wonderful music not your thing? Obvi, you don’t live in Salinas and you haven’t heard the airshow practicing all week. What’s cool: planes fly around and shit in the same formation and mofo ROBOSAURUS is spewing out fire. What’s not cool? It’s hella loud, guys! Voluuume, hi?
OR, you’re cool and you got free San Jose Sharks tickets like I did and you’re going to the game Saturday.
Have a great weekend Salas. Don’t get shot.


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