The First First City Festival

This past weekend I partook in the inaugural First City Festival in Monterey. Here’s what I gotta say about it:

First of all, the lineup was great. Many of the bands were old favorites, so it was nice to see that they are still relevant. Dr. Dog had to be one of my favorites. Their set was fab and really revived my love for them. Capital Cities was another awesome show, complete with matching satin jackets, choreography, and a radical trumpet player. As a former trumpet player/satin jacket wearer, I was impressed.
Secondly, I loved the proximity. Duh.
Thirdly, or something (little bit buzzed here), I must comment on the lack of local hype. They didn’t have much local advertising, nor did they offer much local cuisine, and a gal can really go for some Pizza My Heart after a long stand in the sun. Although the “spicy pie” pizza they offered was mighty tasty.
I hate to end on a negative note, so fourthly, I’ll say i just just loved the whole darn thing. Good job First City Fest. The weather could not have been better and the entertainment was on point. Please come back next year and be even more awesome.


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