I know sign language

I went on a date a couple of weeks ago to LACMA (Los Angeles California Museum of Art) and we had a really great time walking around and talking about what we thought each piece meant and by talking about what each piece meant, I mean we made up ridiculous meanings for every exhibit. The random steel chair exhibit? Yep, that’s the chair Bill Clinton got head in.

You can imagine my excitement when we came across a sign language exhibit because I could actually discuss the exhibit and have an intellectual conversation about it. I knew my two years of high school sign language would come in handy.

We sat down on the bench in front of a huge screen with two sets of hands on it. The hands were continuously putting one finger down after another and making different combinations with different fingers which is how you make numbers in sign language. I did warn my date that the last time I had studied the language was in high school and that numbers were not my strong point, but we sat there for about a half an hour while I taught him all the numbers the hands were making and all of the random signs I had learned in highschool and I felt pretty proud of myself that I remembered so much.

As we started to walk out of the room, we stopped to read the exhibit title and information. Turns out, it had nothing to do with sign language. It was the Bruce Nauman: For Beginners which is an exhibit to show how you can make art by just coming up with different combinations of your fingers and it is considered art if it is done in a studio.

I feel like an asshole.



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