How to stop biting your nails

Somewhere between 30 and 45 percent of the world has spent a great portion of their life biting their fingernails. Like a smoking habit or a well ingrained Catholic guilt, it seems like an impossible thing to rid oneself of. Sure, they make potions to paint on your nails – colored polishes, or even polishes that make your nails taste bitter to deter the biter from performing their undesirable deed. Some people insist on going “cold turkey”, committing to such acts as sitting on or otherwise occupying their hands. But most nail biters will tell you – THIS STUFF DOESN’T WORK. One invariably bites through the bitter taste, ultimately removing the foul taste from the nail to restore its organic state, or, upon eating a cold turkey sandwich, one notices their tasty phalanges with their keratin and protein covered ends, beckoning for a tiny nibble. Failure is almost certain.

As a former and, still, occasional, nail biter (I only do it socially), I can tell you how this 24 year-old adult-baby has bucked the habit. My secret? Gel manicures. Gel manicures frequently, regularly, and consistently. The beauty of the gel manicure is that is lasts. Unlike plain polish, if applied properly, it does not begin to chip or peel for 2-3 weeks, and this is due mainly to nail growth. The hearty chomp of a seasoned biter cannot weaken the gel manicured fingernail. In fact, without severe and intentional peeling, often with the use of chemicals, the gel will remain in place. Why does this help us? Unless your teeth are razor sharp, your nails remain intact.

Here’s the catch, gel manicures can be expensive, and since you are an admitted biter, you need to take the time to relinquish the habit. For me, it took nearly a year of manicures every 3-4 weeks to break my habit. However, your results will be worth it, and your nails will thank you for it.


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