Spring SAD

It’s Spring! And it has been for about 20 days now. Now since I am an amateur doctor with all the knowledge that WebMD can provide, I have self diagnosed myself with SAD – seasonal affective disorder. Ya know, that disorder where you get sad one season a year. Ok, I didn’t use any internet consultation for that diagnosis, but I definitely get low this time of year, and not in hip hop terms. I think it’s the post-holidays depression, followed by being invited outside by sunshine only to be kicked in the face with freezing cold weather. It’s the time of year where I just find myself counting down the days till Summer. Everyone feels it at work. It’s like, hey, school. We. Are. Over. It.

There is one bright light in my dark pit of despair. Ok, I’ll be optimistic; there’s probably more than one. If ANYONE happens to read this blog (really, anyone? Anybody?) they would know that I love me some Giants baseball. So there’s that! Once again, I’m glued to my Stub Hub app, searching for cheap tickets. I’ve got my eye on the Sergio Romo gnome promotion day. I’m ready.

Anywho, Summer isn’t that far away so I’ll drown my sorrows in libations and take weekend excursions to places that don’t have weekly shootings. Enjoy the wildflowers, California.


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