That’s so raven, unfortunately

Don’t color me a football fan, but today I had to support San Francisco. I had to think of it as a more aggressive form of baseball. I was really hoping for another SF win; sadly, the 49ers fell a little short. They had a disastrous first half followed by a fantastic comeback after that crazy power outage (I definitely had thoughts of the Dark Knight during that – a little creepy). It was still a really entertaining game. At least as entertaining as a football game could be to a non-football enthusiast such as myself. Whatever the score, I think the real winner here was definitely Beyonce. She is a goddess and her show was fabulous. My mother seemed to think she looked tired, but my mother cannot even make it through a Zumba class; therefore, her opinion is invalid. Welcome back, Destiny’s Child.

That being said, I am ready for baseball season. One month until Spring training, betches!


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