My mind is telling me Jessica, but my heart is telling me Jennifer

If you haven’t seen Zero Dark Thirty yet, you definitely should. Granted the movie really only picks up in the last 30 minutes, it is totally interesting. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the ending. I mean, it is a real shocker after all. Jessica Chastain also gave an amazing performance and she definitely deserved to win that Golden Globe based on her performance, but after Jennifer Lawrence’s acceptance speech at the SAG awards I kind of want her to win the Oscar.

I know this is totally emotion based since I haven’t even seen Silver Linings Playbook, but after she admitted that she got her SAG card by doing a promo for My Sweet 16 on MTV, I youtubed the promo and it was really cool to see where she started from and where she is now. Plus I just really like the Hunger Games. I know that validates nothing, but whatever.


I’m going with my heart and not putting anyones actual acting skills in to play here. I mean, it’s all a popularity game anyways right?

What does everyone else think? Jessica or Jennifer?


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