Tolerable Top 40

I do not hate top 40. Fully admit that. But a greater part of it is pretty awful. So when I feel the need to listen to the radio, I have a few songs I telepathically tell the DJ to play. Here are some of my favorites that are out right now:

1. Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch “Sweet Nothing”

I really love Calvin Harris. I’m not big on the electronic genre but there’s something about his songs that I thoroughly enjoy. I would definitely like to hear this somewhere dark with a dance floor. Also, whoever is doing the cover design for his work is most excellent at selecting fonts. Sorry. I’m also really into typography.

2. Ne-yo “Let Me Love You”

Oh my god, Ne-yo. You don’t really need to command this, I already love you. You, sir, are true gentleman in every one of your songs. I feel as if I could bring you to my feminist protests (should I happen upon any).   Really though, thank you for not using derogatory terms to describe my anatomy, and for not letting us go to bed angry with each other, of course.

3. Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven”

I wouldn’t consider myself a huge Bruno Mars song prior to this song. He’s a little whiny when he sings. “Locked Out of Heaven” totally redeems him though. As a friend pointed out, the song is very Police-like, specifically the song “SOS”. I do foresee growing sick of this song as it plays on repeat on pretty much every station. I guess everyone else likes this song as much as I do.

4. Ke$ha “Die Young”

I heard a rumor that Ke$ha is a member of Mensa. This may or may not be true, but homegirl has definitely figured out a way to reword the lyrics in all of her songs to put to a new tune that the masses adore. Warning: This video is an Urban Outfitters dream sequence.

5. Rihanna “Nobody’s Business” 

Holy Michael Jackson. I hate Chris Brown with every fiber of my being but dammmnnnnn I love this song. I believe that a seance was conducted to contact Michael from beyond the grave to acquire his help with writing this wonderful piece. Serio, this is such a good song. 

So that’s that, guys. If you are having a major party soon and I happen to be invited, you better put these jams on so I can sing along and dance and give away the appearance of being hip.


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