Technically, I had three weeks of school vacation. However, since I am merely a substitute, I do not get paid for those three weeks. Therefore, I took up a job at Macy’s, which occupied the greater portion of my vacation time. It was really a catch-22 situation; I either take the time off and have no money to do much of anything, or occupy my time with work and make money so that I do not have to decline any offers that have to do with anything involving spending money. What I’m trying to say here is that I did not do much over my break.

Now I am desperately craving a trip to a mountainous setting. Regardless of my distaste for the sport of skiing, I would absolutely love a trip to the snow – preferably South Lake Tahoe, maybe Pinecrest, Yosemite. I could build a snowman, go sledding….let’s be real, I would just hit the bar. I guess I would just like to be sitting in a warm room with a fire crackling while I watch the snow fall outside. Cozy, please.


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