Current pseudo-obsession

As a large-busted lady, I try to lean towards lower-cut shirts – not to hooch it up or anything, but the higher-cut stuff ain’t too flattering. It’s just the lay of the land. Literally.

So guess what’s in season right now? The usual – something that is not flattering to a big ol’ 36DD like me. Everywhere I go, the crew neck appears. Like advertisements for the lap band surgery in Los Angeles, they are unavoidable. And hell, I’ve even bought a few, albeit somewhat reluctantly. But the fashion world has taken the high cut neckline game to a new level – the turtleneck. Not just any turtleneck, the mock turtleneck. And guess who’s in love with this style? Moi. Forever. I keep telling myself that it’s okay so long as the shirt, dress, or whatever is sleeveless. My mother has yet to criticize this look on me so I take it as a positive sign. I am about a day more of pining away from purchasing my next mock-turt (not the catchiest nickname, I suppose). Embrace the mock turtleneck, people. Big busted or not.


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