My fellow blogger, Lindsay, and I are happy and relieved to see President Barack Obama re-elected tonight!

While the economy has not improved quite as quickly as we had all hoped, it is on the track of improvement. It took eight years to get into this hole that we’re in and it’s going to take longer than four years to get out of it.

What really concerned me were the social issues at hand – women’s rights, gay rights, protecting students and the “99%” – these are not necessarily the reasons I voted for Obama, but the reasons I voted against Mitt Romney. I feared a nation under Governor Romney (whose own state did not vote for him). I feared important services such as Planned Parenthood would be no longer be funded, meaning millions of women would lose access to affordable and safe contraceptives and health care screenings. I feared a repeal of Obamacare, and being kicked off of my parent’s insurance which pays for my thyroid medicine, blood tests, and doctor visits – things that my three jobs do not cover. I feared all of the progress for gay rights we’ve made being reversed by a government ran by the opinion of a religion.

Am I happy with the current state of the economy? Not really, especially as a college graduate working a job I am overqualified for for minimum wage. But I support protecting certain civil rights that America has fought so hard to obtain, and I’m really glad America agreed with me.


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