Ladies, get back in the kitchen and get the men some sandwiches

It’s one thing after another with Mitt Romney. I needn’t mention his pre-nomination days; there’s a Daily Show highlight reel for that. Besides, he’s the etch-a-sketch candidate, remember? His stance on healthcare, gay marriage, and services like Planned Parenthood were enough to make me despise him. He won’t release his income taxes, which raises more than just my eyebrows. Then, just when I thought I couldn’t like him any less, he selects Paul Ryan as his running mate. A man who wishes to cut Medicare spending and increase military spending.  NOW these good old boys want to impose a constitutional amendment to ban abortions. Although Romney has distanced himself from the absolutely brilliant remarks made by Todd Akin several days ago, the GOP seems to agree with his statement as it intends to put this ban into effect with no exception for rape victims. I am disgusted.  Apparently the lives of embryonic cells are more valued in this country than those of adult soldiers.

Something needs to be done. So ladies, let’s chant that age old cheer, KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF OF MY BODY!


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