It’s not peanut butter

Speculoos. I don’t know if they have these cookies in the US. Well, I know they have similar varieties but I’m not sure if they have this specific brand. But this brand of cookie made its way into my pantry, in the form of butter. I ignored it initially because I thought it was peanut butter and I suppose I did not have a need for peanut butter for quite awhile. However a hungry friend ravaging through my food supply plucked it from the shelves and brought it to my attention. It was not peanut butter. It was a delicious cookie spread for all foods. I once thought this was a luxury available only through Belgian-friend-sent-delivery, I soon discovered its availability at my local Walmart (bleh) store. While only available in the creamy variety, I will make do. If you have not tried this buttery delight, you are missing out.



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