So…what do you do for fun?

I hate when people ask me this question. I suppose I could say, ‘I like going out to bars and drinking’, which definitely wouldn’t be a lie, but if I told them what I do other than that for fun, I might seem a tad bit boring. I like going online. I like reading blogs. I like going on Twitter and Facebook. I like learning about new social media marketing strategies and applying for jobs in social media. Even reading that list back to myself I feel a little bit nerdy, but I don’t care. Sometimes I can’t wait to get online and start reading. Reading whatever I can get my hands on. News, tech updates, entertainment blogs, updates on social media outlets, etc.  I enjoy those things and think they are fun.

I also want to make a career out of online media. Our generation has so much potential to create jobs for themselves. We no longer have to simply be a doctor, postman or teacher. Careers aren’t so clean cut nowadays. Some jobs don’t even have a designated title. When I search for jobs online, I use at least three different titles to find openings for the same exact job. Social Media Manager, Community Manager, Social Media Marketer, etc.

I’m so lucky to live in a generation where I am able to make the hobbies I enjoy in my free time, an actual career.

Maybe next time someone asks me what I do for fun, I will tell them and not feel so lame about it.


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