Big Sur can safely be claimed as a sort of Mecca for hikers, or any other recreation lovers. There are many trails a hiker of any fitness level can enjoy, especially in the popular Pfeiffer State Park. One particular trail I enjoy is one that offers a spot to cool down – the gorge trail. Perhaps you should go on a warmer, sunnier day than I went. But even if you’re a little chilly, you’ll still enjoy the scenery. The trail to the swimming hole is not long, however it might take a little longer than one would expect, due to the maneuvering one has to perform. You can mostly stay on the side of stream, but there are spots that are impassable and require crossing. Be careful crossing! Most of the water is calm and fairly slow moving, but some spots project enough force to knock you down. You’ll know when you’ve arrived at the gorge. There’s a small beach and a big old rock for your jumping pleasures. If all you want to  do is a light hike with the possibility of a swim, the gorge trail is for you. The Gorge

Obama ball

Found this baby on the trail



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