Monterey Drunchies

You’re drunk. It’s late. The bars are closed on Alvarado, Cannery Row, and Lighthouse. You are HUNGRY. But Croce’s is no longer, and Jack in the Box is old news. Where are you getting your drunk munchies at? Solution: Doggie Stylez. If you haven’t heard of this late night gem, you’re probably thinking, uhhh wtf? Honey boo boo child, I’m talking about hot dogs. And they don’t only have your standard, run-of-the-mill ketchup and mustard dog. Doggie Stylez offers many “stylez” of hot dogs and presents other topping options so your dog will never be bored – I mean boring. Doggie Stylez is open from 3pm-3am, so there’s many an hour you can get your hot dog on. So forego that jumbo jack and grab yourself a hot dog. It’s better when you do it doggie style.

Doggie Stylez: 615 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey. CA

Price: Under $10 (Cash only, brah)


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