Shoes for fall. Shoes I will fall in.

Ever since I took a fall in steep heels on a cross walk on Santa Monica Blvd. in October, I have been a strictly flats kind of girl. The time has come though, when my mental wounds from that embarassing moment, as well as my physical wounds (blood everywhere) have healed and I have ventured back into the heel land. I even wore some heels to my cousins bridal shower!  Here are a few cute heels I found from three recent fall runway shows. 

Lanvin heels. The soles are glitter. I die. Buisiness on top, party on the bottom.

Nina Ricci lace heels. I'm not a fan of the designer herself, but I love the lace! Definetly do some ankle workouts before your try these on!

Derek Lam floral print on alligator skin. Not a fan of alligators or their skin, but I am obsessed with this floral print which is saying a lot coming from a girl who doesn't like print.

 *All photos provided by

xoxo, Lindsay


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