Smugglers Cove in San Francisco

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I went to San Francisco a couple of weekends ago to visit an old friend and we went to the coolest bar ever! It was called Smugglers Cove, located at 650 Gough Street. I was hesitant to go in at first since all of the windows were blacked out and there were no signs of human life, let alone alcohol behind the blacked out windows. Actually now that I think about it, someone had to turn on that red light hanging above the door. I was assured by my friend later that the red light didn’t really mean it was a prostitution house. Apparently red lights were used in the old days by fisherman or something. Anyway, to my surprise, there was life behind the dark outer shell! Quite a bit of it for a Sunday night.

We headed downstairs and I immediately felt like I was on a pirate ship. Just look at the picture above! Fittingly the bar’s theme revolves around the Caribbean, pirates and smugglers. What better to drink in a place like this than rum? They have over 200 types of rum and just about every drink you order includes it. I ordered a Mary Pickford (which tasted like delicious Dole Whip) from the tiki themed bar. Drinks here range from $8 and up which is a great deal since they obviously take a lot of pride and time putting these crafty drinks together. If you are in San Francisco, check it out. Don’t be fooled by its exterior!

xoxo Lindsay


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