Crashed airplanes and some poison oak

I don’t know why I have tortured myself more than once by attempting this hike in Toro Park, located in Monterey county. Probably because you get to see a really cool and mysterious plane crash at the top of the mountain. It actually might not be at the top, but it’s the top for me, I refuse to go any further. Apparently there are two ways to get to the crash. One being the short way which is the only way I will go, starting at the end of Harper Canyon in San Benancio. The other being the long way which takes God knows how long, starting at the entrance of Toro Park.

When Megan and I first attempted this hike, I thought it was a breeze. The terrain is flat and the trail is clear, cows are grazing freely, but then the path splits and soon you find yourself walking across a janky bridge which probably had a troll under it or something (which would be cool I guess). It’s all uphill from there though. Literally. Most of the time you are hiking on the edge of a cliff which gets steeper and steeper. I have to admit, although I self diagnosed myself with asthma halfway up, the views were breathtaking. Literally.

Ah, the hardest part of the hike is over! The terrain flattens out and you are faced with a decision. The trail splits once more and two wooden posts beg you to go in their direction. Airplane trail or the other trail I can’t even remember because I have never taken it? Once you proceed onto the airplane trail (if you decide to) you are faced with a giant bush of poison oak. I made Megan go first. Once you get through that obstacle its smooth sailing from there! I’ve never really timed the hike, but I’m pretty sure it takes about a couple of hours in all. If you are like me, you will complain all the way up, but it’s smooth sailing on the way back down!

The easy part...

We have survivors!

Tips for this hike

1. Bring lots of water

2. If you have short legs like me, don’t attempt this with 6″ plus guys

3. Make sure you have good traction on your shoes

4. Wear full length workout pants so you don’t brush up on any poison oak

5. Don’t approach the cows

6. Always stick to the right of the creek

7.Have fun and take more pictures than I did!


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